Different Ways to Cut a Hoodie to Fit Your Size

We all love hoodies especially because they are a comfortable wear for both indoors and outdoors. However, custom hoodies tend to come in baggy sizes, and getting a perfect fit can be quite tricky. You may also have lost some weight, and your favorite hoodie now looks baggy and unattractive on you.

Although baggy hoodies are comfortable, they usually do not complement the body’s figure. It would be best to cut them into a more fitting size. The task is simple, and it is a DIY process that you can easily do at home. You only need a sewing machine, a pair of scissors, and a matching thread to have the work done. The following are ways that you can cut your hoodie to perfectly fit your size.

Using Straight Pins

In this method, you will require some straight pins to help you hold the size into place. With your pins at hand, wear the hoodie inside out and zip it up if it has a zipper.

Pinch the sides of the hoodie to get your preferred size. Place the pins on either side to mark where the stitches will pass. Do the same to the underarms and the sleeves. You will need to be very careful when working with pins to avoid pricking yourself.

Once you are done marking the hoodie with the pins, carefully remove the hoodie from your body. Go to the sewing machine and stitch the hoodie along the path formed by the pins. You can opt to cut off the excess material or leave it in case you get the need to make it bigger in the future. Remember to remove the pins before turning your custom hoodie to the right way. Your hoodie should now be a perfect fit.

Using a Hoodie that is a Perfect Fit

 HoodiesThough custom hoodies tend to become baggy over time, you might still have one that is a perfect fit. That fitting hoodie will help you cut your baggy hoodie into your size.

Place the baggy hoodie on the table while on the inside out. Put the fitting hoodie on top of it but make sure it is centered so that the cutting will be symmetrical on both sides. Use a pen or color pencil to mark along the outline of the smaller hoodie.

Use the sewing to make a new seam along the marks. Trim off the excess fabric when you are done; this is optional though. After turning the hoodie the right way, it should be the same size as the smaller hoodie.

Using a Tape Measure

For this method, you will require a measuring tape and a pen to do the markings. You will also need to add a few inches to the measurements to give layers some allowance. Start by turning the hood inside out and lay it on the table with the zipper zipped up.

Just above the pockets, make a mark and draw a line across the waist of the hood and onto the sleeves. Wrap the tape measure around your shoulder to take the measurement between your shoulder and armpit. Add 2 inches to the figure then divide it by half. For instance, if you get 10 inches, add two inches and then divide it by half to get 6 inches. On the hoodie, place the tape on the shoulder and measure downwards along the seam and make a mark. Ensure the mark is lying on the seam.

To get the measurement of the waist, wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Do the same for the waist of the hoodie and get the difference between the two figures. Divide the difference by four. For instance, if the waist of the hoodie is 30 inches and your waist measures 26 inches, the difference is 4 inches. Divide by four to get 1 inch. On the hoodie, measure this figure from the end of the hoodie and make a mark along the waistline. Do this on both sides.

Use a ruler to make a line from the mark on the shoulder to the mark on the waistline and down to the waistband of the hoodie. Repeat this for the other side.

For the sleeves, the simplest way to get the right measurement is by using the distance between the mark on the armpit and the waistline. Measure this distance and make a mark inside the sleeve to this figure. Make a line from this mark to the mark on the shoulder.

Go to the sewing machine and sew along the lines that you have made. Fit the hoodie and make any adjustments if any.

Final Thoughts

Cutting baggy custom hoodies to size is a task that requires basic sewing skills. If you follow the above ways, you will be able to enjoy wearing your hoodie even after you lose weight.